WELCOME BACK! Halloween is just around the corner and do you know what else is creeping around that corner? Cold Air. The transition of temperatures sneak up on me every year but this Fall I came to throw punches! To combat dry skin from the seasons changing I came up with a Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day! The Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day is full of of our Fall favorites from berries, to pumpkins, and of course you can’t forget the cinnamon! Keep reading to trick or treat yourself to a Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day!

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Why is talking about a dry scalp so taboo? A dry scalp is the first thing I notice when the air gets colder, and it drives me mad since I have darker hair! An olive oil scalp treatment followed by an Elderberry tea and Rice water hair rinse has jumped to a “Must Have” in my Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day. Olive oil is packed with Vitamin E which is so beneficial for our hair, skin, and nails. So during your olive oil scalp application everything is in contact with moisturizing nourishment!

Giving time (15-30 minutes) for the Olive Oil to penetrate the scalp, I follow up with my Elderberry Tea and Rice Water hair rinse! I make my hair rinse the day before and let it chill before I rinse my hair! Elderberry is fantastic for stimulating our scalp, it encourages hair growth and it leaves our hair so shiny! Rice Water is able to repair our hair from the inside out and is able to remove dandruff!

Do you see why the Olive oil scalp treatment followed by the Elderberry tea, Rice water hair rinse is a Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day “Must Have”? SO MUCH GOODNESS!!!

Enough about the hair, Let’s talk about face! A Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day is nothing without a face mask! We are keeping it seasonal with TWO Fall Inspired Face Masks.

Halloween is nothing without Jack-o-Lanterns, and Thanksgiving isn’t the same without Pumpkin Pie! So of course one of the Fall Inspired face masks is PUMPKIN! A pumpkin face mask is packed with vitamins and thanks to the pumpkin enzymes it is also exfoliating, perfect for treating our not-so-inspiring Dry Skin! You can go out and purchase a pumpkin for carving and just use some of the pumpkin you scooped out, of course pureeing before you apply to the skin! Or if you you’re like me and and don’t have the time to carve a pumpkin, purchase a can of pumpkin puree!

Besides pumpkin, Berries are another beautiful fruit of the Fall season! A “Very Berry” Fall Inspired Face Mask is another great one for the Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day! To make my “very berry” face mask I blended together Strawberries, Blueberries, Cranberries, and some strawberry-pomegranate tea! Strawberries hold Vitamin C, Blueberries contain a lot of zinc, Cranberries perform like an exfoliate and encourages collagen production and that little bit of pomegranate will help fight bacteria!

To spice up either the Pumpkin or the “Very Berry” Face Mask add a little Cinnamon! Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants which is wonderful for anti-aging, it fights off any acne causing bacteria all while healing and treating scars! Be careful if do have sensitive skin, and use the face masks as a exfoliate for 90 seconds instead of leaving on the skin like a mask!

You can use the Elderberry tea, Rice water hair rinse to also tone your skin after the mask!

From our head to our toes, Pampering our hands and feet is great addition to the Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day! Did you know that your hands age faster than the rest of our body? To treat simply cleanse your hands and feet just like you would your face, mask the back of the hands and the top of the feet, rinse, follow up with a toner then slather on Olive Oil! For your feet put on your best fuzzy socks and allow them to absorb that olive oil goodness!

After the oil has soaked into the skin, paint your nails in your favorite Fall Inspired polish! My go-to this season are O.P.I “Chicago Champagne Toast” and “You Don’t Know Jacques!”

My hair, skin, and nails really benefitted from the well-needed exfoliating and nourishment, I hope your hair, skin, and nails reap the benefits too! Please enjoy all of the Fall Inspired At Home Spa Day ideas! Cheers!


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