5 ways to stay productive!

Can you believe that is it already October? It feels freezing here in Atlanta! October is a very busy month and the holidays are quickly approaching! By being busy, stress will be intervening like it does. To stay level headed during this busy time of year, Here are 5 Ways To Stay Productive!

1. Schedule the New Month

By writing down Prior engagements…

  • You’ll discover when you have free time,
  • How and Who you are going to spend this free time,
  • You’ll have something to look forward too.

2. Write Down a To-do List

Writing a To-do List encourages daily goals by…

  • Bringing actions into existence,
  • Keeping you on track,
  • Having a sense of reward once your list has been completed.

3.Give Yourself Personal Projects

By having Personal Projects you….

  • Get the freedom to create whatever you please,
  • Improve on something that has been on your mind,
  • Put effort into making something meaningful to you or for someone else.

4. Create Daily Habits

Daily Habits can improve productivity…

  • Try Morning Pages to Clear your head,
  • Try Attaching a New Habit onto one that already Exists; Reading instead of being on your phone while trying to go to sleep.
  • Try Saying Good Morning to someone you know or Wish them a Wonderful Day! (I always target them out individually and use their name.)

5. Find your Motivator..

Productivity is encouraged by Motivation…

  • Listen to what your heart keeps telling you,
  • Read about someone you look up to and find motivation from their journey,
  • Set aside time to listen or read a Daily Motivational, find what works best for you!

Being productive encourages growth by organizing, bettering our time management, discovering what motivates you and so much more! Any of the 5 Ways to Stay Productive are a great way to boost confidence and the flow of life! Cheers!

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