How I Fixed My #1 Skin Issue!

As many others my #1 Skin Issue is Acne, but thanks to 2020 I was able able to finally clear my skin!

I first started by visiting my Esthetician, Luckily I made the appointment before everything closed! We did a consultation and spoke about how I was treating my acne.

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For the treatment we did a Chemical Peel!

What is a Chemical Peel?

A Chemical Peel is a skin treatment used to remove the excess accumulation of dead skin cells.

How does it work?

By using Alpha Hydroxy Acids ( AHAs, Glycolic acid ) or Beta Hydroxy Acids ( BHAs, Salicylic acid ) we are dissolving the “glue” that holds our skin cells together promoting new cell production.

What does Salicylic Acid do for Acne?

Salicylic acid dissolves oil along side the dissolving dead skin cells. It has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties which benefit by reducing the pain and killing the bacteria under the skin.

The “At Home” Routine after the Chemical Peel is very important, It’s the maintenance for in between treatments!

What to expect after the Chemical Peels?

Expect peeling or sloughing of skin.

What recommendations did I take home with me?

Staying out of the sun for the following week, wearing SPF, Skinceauticals LHA gel cleanser and Skinceauticals Emollience Moisturizer.


What are the key ingredients of my take home recommendations to treat Acne?

Cleanser:  Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid. Moisturizer: Algae Extract, Grape seed oil, Rose hip, Macadamia nut oil, Lavender, Rosemary, and Peppermint.

Lifestyle changes are also apart of the “At Home” routine whether it’s temporary or permanent.

Why drinking water after a Chemical Peel is beneficial?

The extra oxygen from the water helps promote healing.

Why you should give yourself a break from makeup to improve your Acne?

Wearing less helps your skin regulate itself, plus less bacteria being stored in your pores leading to less acne breakouts.

How to process the way you feel when your skin does breakout?

Remember it is temporary. If you are interested on learning more check out

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