Welcome to Vanilla Twenty Seven!

Hello & Welcome!

I just wanted to say Hello and Welcome you to “Vanilla Twenty Seven.” I’ve already typed up an intro for “Vanilla Twenty Seven” and in that post I simply explained a shallow meaning behind the name. It has been some time and I’ve decided to back track to create more content for you instead of posting content that was otherwise just another page in a diary, it was good for learning the blogging process I must admit! Welcome again to “Vanilla Twenty Seven,” Let’s get to know each other much better this time!

Who am I?

My name is Chandler. I am a Licensed Esthetician training to be a (hopefully) full time blogger! Currently in my 20’s just trying to figure out how the world works, Thank you 2020 for lighting a match and getting the ball rolling. With no clue on how to build a website or channel my inner blogging potential, I started “Vanilla Twenty Seven” in May of 2019 right before I moved to the Atlanta, Georgia area. I am usually found drinking coffee, hanging out with my boyfriend, playing with our dog, or here sitting in front of the computer when I’m not being an Esti.

Why I decided to start a blog?

In May 2019 I was sitting around watching “Gossip Girl”, It was a few days before I made the big move to Georgia. I managed to type up a few posts and then my reality took over leaving “Vanilla Twenty Seven” in the shadows. Springing forward to the 1st Birthday Of “Vanilla Twenty Seven” I decided to really make the leap to pursue this lifestyle, I’ve been working on the blog part time since then. I want this to be my life, I cannot imagine being an Esthetician forever. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the industry and everything it has to offer, but I want a more flexible lifestyle to be able to go and do whenever I please.

What does “Vanilla Twenty Seven” stand for?

I dug deeper to find the overall meaning of “Vanilla Twenty Seven” and there were a few words that stood out the most, “Vanilla” is meant for being relaxing, sweet, and even falls under the category of being romantic. “Twenty-Seven” in the world of numbers represents being Human, having a soul to care for, unconditional love, and spiritual development. The Number 2 alone represents balance & peace. Whereas the Number 7, stands for wisdom and when added together 2+7=9. The Number 9 represents the endings and elimination of all things that don’t serve us anymore…

What will I be blogging about?

In round one of trying to figure out how to blog I wrote about skincare and mainly I was learning how to express my thoughts in writing. Based off the information above, I will be blogging for you. Now entering round two I will be blogging about How to’s, Tips, and Recommendations for improving ourselves. Skin will be a topic I will still touch up on of course, but I will be focusing on personal development. I am going on this journey just as much as you are, I just want to be of help to you if you ever get stuck.

Why people should read it?

People should come to read “Vanilla Twenty Seven” to grow. All of us are on our own personal journey and I want to be someone that’s voice is different from your own. Listening or reading someone else’s word may just be what clicks in your heart, mind, or soul. I am no guru, I am your equal and I am here to be a shoulder for you to lean on as we grow as individuals and as we grow together!

Thank you so much, Let’s grow better together here on “Vanilla Twenty Seven.” Cheers!


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