The Top 5 ways to Treat Your Skin with Vitamin C!

Using these top 5 methods, your skin will be brightened and bursting with beautiful rays of vitamin C that will leave you glowing like the Sun!

Hello my beautiful friends! Today is “Skincare Saturday” and we are talking about The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C in our skincare regimen. With these methods your skin will be brightened, glowing, and bursting with vitamin c!!! Now that fall is just around the corner, a vitamin c treatment is just what we need to top off the summer. So let’s get into the top 5 ways to use vitamin c!

Vitamin C, is so beneficial for your skin! Vitamin C is an antioxidant vitamin needed for proper repair of the skin and tissues; It promotes the production of collagen which helps make you look younger, and promotes the skin’s healing properties.

If you don’t always have time to pamper yourself with a vitamin c treatment, Drink a hot cup or add into your water bottle, its Lemon water! Lemon water takes the #1 spot in The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C ! Why? What you do to the outside of our body you can do on the inside as well. The benefits of drinking lemon water are:

  • Hydration, which is very important for our overall wellness.
  • Lemons like any citrus are very high in the antioxidant, vitamin C.

Together they will improve the quality of our skin. Drinking lemon water will help reduce wrinkling of the skin, dry skin from aging, and damage from the sun.

Now that we have started glowing from the inside out thanks to vitamin C, its time for the #2 spot in The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C . Cleansing! Its important to treat the entire body with vitamin C and the best way I know how is an all over lemon + oil massage. Simply, begin with fresh lemon juice and dilute it with your favorite oil!

Rub the fresh vitamin c and oil mixture from head to toe, always massaging to our hearts! If you are familiar with oil cleansing then you know, but for those that don’t know, oil cleansing is just the process of breaking down oil with an oil. The fresh squeezed vitamin C will just be absorbed through the skin during this process!

I personally use a vitamin C concentrate with almond oil while the shower begins heating up, once the steam hits the mirror I know its time to hop in. The steam will help soften the skin and will allow for more vitamin C absorption.

The Ordinary: Vitamin C concentrate & Esthemax: Brightening Complex Mask

The #3 spot in The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C, is masking! And I have a good one for you. Masking is a concentrated treatment used to treat our skin. The Esthemax: Brightening Complex Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask has quickly become my favorite way to treat my skin with vitamin C.

The mask is packed full of vitamin C from lemon extract which is great for improving skin tone while enhancing the overall texture of the skin leaving a “lustrous glow.” Glutathione is another active ingredient in this brightening mask. Glutathione is an antioxidant, that naturally occurs in our bodies that helps lighten skin.

What Comes with the Mask:

Besides being a mask packed with vitamin c, the Brightening Complex is also infused with electrolytes! Having a combination of vitamin c and electrolytes, this mask “can achieve a natural balance of moisture in our skin for a healthy and natural glow.”

Entering in the #4 spot in The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C, we are talking about serum! Serums are concentrated liquid ingredients for the skin, they are designed to penetrate and treat various skin conditions. A vitamin c serum is great for everyday use, usually recommended for our morning skincare routine.

Vitamin C serum is great way to promote healing after a breakout and promote firmer looking skin from the encouraged collagen production. During the day, vitamin c will react to the sun and thrive, but can be used at nighttime for a more relaxed approach. Vitamin c will make your skin sensitive to the sun so wear your SPF after product application and when applied at night, SPF the following morning! You can even use vitamin C serum under the Brightening Complex Hydrojelly Peel Off Mask to penetrate the product even further into the skin or follow up with the #5 spot.

The #5 and final spot in The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C is to moisturize! This is a fabulous way to complete our skincare routine! If you are like me, I enjoy a simple 3-to-5 step skincare routine depending on the day. So a vitamin c moisturizer is just a good way to hydrate and treat our without having to stand in front of the mirror for an hour. Of course if you do want the extra boost of vitamin C use the moisturizer in conjunction with a vitamin C serum, but don’t do that every time your skin will become very sensitive.

Of course with all this talk about The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C, I must include some do’s and do not’s.

  • DO wear an SPF following the use of ANY vitamin C treatments, your skin will be more sensitive to the sun!
  • DO NOT use ANY of The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C in combination with any form of retinol ( Vitamin A) or niacinamide (B3)!

With these methods, The Top 5 Ways to use Vitamin C is a wonderful way to treat the skin. By treating your skin with vitamin C you’ll be left with younger, healthier, brightened and glowing skin! Cheers!


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