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Skincare and makeup empties from this spring to the end of summer. Plus some new products I will be trying for the fall!

Hello! Please pardon my absence, August has been a wild month on my end. Luckily, I was able to bring you some mini reviews of products I have finished plus some new ones to try!

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My first mini review is a skincare empty! I purchased this cleanser back in March when I was dealing with a bad acne cycle. I have raved about the *Skinceuticals LHA gel cleanser on here before, but seriously I recommend it is wonderful for clogged pores that are caused from oil or makeup. It also is gentle enough to exfoliate dead skin cells without irritation.

Another skincare empty is the Skinceuticals Emollience, this moisturizer was created for sensitive skin types. This moisturizer is beautiful under foundation and doesn’t cause anything to slide off. I used this everyday morning and night. I loved this moisturizer so much I went through two jars!!!!

From skincare to makeup, I finished *M.A.C’s water-weight foundation in the shade NC15. This is a GOOD lightweight foundation! It blends into the skin without feeling like you have makeup on your skin. Depending on the day I used this product as is and on others I mixed the water-weight foundation with argan oil to sheer it out more or I mixed the foundation with a cream to create a tinted moisturizer. Either way, M.A.C’s water-weight foundation has great coverage. Another thing I really liked about this foundation was that I never had the urge to set my face with powder.

To end my seasonal empties, I am going to top it off with the *NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the color “Rust”. This is a cream eye crayon which makes it easy to use, for the price it has a wonderful pigment with little shimmer, the eyeshadow lasts for hours, and it’s beautiful for an everyday color!!

I will be repurchasing all of the products mentioned above. Now that I have run out it’s Time for new products!

Both beauty products were gifts from a family member but I will include a link to the products . The first of the new products is the SeriouslyFAB “Zinc it Over, 3-in-1 SPF”, it is suited for after makeup application or on bare skin. The formula is cruelty free, natural, vegan, safe, and made in the U.S.A. I have only been using this for a week and so far I like the spray on sunscreen! The only con I have about this sunscreen in the smell. It is so fragrant but thankfully the smell does go away once the SPF is dry.

The other new product I received is the Esthemax Brightening Complex Hydro-jelly Peel Off Mask. I have not tried this mask out yet, but I have followed this company’s instagram for what feel like a lifetime and I have seen countless positive reviews from other licensed estheticians. With so many other masks available for different treatments, this is something for everyone. I’ve been dying to put this company’s product on my face. The goal of each Hydro-jelly mask is to infuse the skin with electrolytes, compress and seal to the contours of the skin for complete absorption of nutrients and hydration all the way to the deepest layer of the skin. Sadly, it is only available to purchase for Licensed Estheticians only, but if you are interested in this product you can contact me privately. United States only!

I hope you all have a beautiful day and enjoyed the mini reviews. Remember, I am happy to try out some of your recommendations for future product reviews. Don’t be afraid and leave a comment below or reach me privately to send your recs! Cheers, to finishing a product we love and to a new product we can’t wait to try!

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