How to Refresh Yourself on a Sunday Night!

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How to Refresh Yourself on a Sunday Night that will have you feeling Monday morning blessed! Here on Vanilla 27 we love to talk about self-care and skincare, Why? They go hand in hand with each other! Sunday is labelled as a day of rest, but for some like myself we have to work or take care of prior obligations before we get to relax and enjoy our Sunday rest. Let’s switch off our busy life and Refresh Yourself on a Sunday Night!

Our first step to our Sunday night refresh is to walk through our doors and kick off our shoes, once completed make yourself something to drink. Let’s take a break from our all day coffee consumption, unless you are a true adult and just drink water. No Shame! You are the ultimate goal. I switch it up by boiling some water and enjoying a hot cup of tea! Recently, Kava tea has been on my radar. Now its not authentic, but it is extremely relaxing. Whatever you decide to sip on leave some off to the side, we are saving some for later.

Continuing on to our second step of our Sunday night refresh is to wash the day away! Now that you have settled in for night and our shoes won’t be put back on. Cleanliness is key, draw a bath or hop in the shower. While the tub is filling or the water is heating up, I like to dry brush my skin. Dry brushing helps rid of dead skin and stimulates our lymph nodes and blood flow, clearing out toxins we have collected throughout week. Throw some bubbles in your bath or cover your skin in oil before you hop in the shower and allow yourself time to soak up all of this Sunday night refreshing!

Since we are getting closer to our bedtime its time for the third step in our Sunday night refresh, Dinner! Sit down and enjoy a meal, maybe enjoy step one’s beverage of choice alongside it. Depending on the Sunday, enjoy a meal by yourself or eat and visit with a loved one. I like to process or talk about the past week and create goals for the new week ahead.

Now that we have treated ourselves to dinner, drinks, and a bath. Step four is time to restore! Mentioned in “The Best Way to Create a Skincare Regimen“, I touched on the topic of deep cleaning our pores once week, follow up that deep cleaning using the drink that was set a side earlier to finish our Sunday night refresh.

Now that we have treated ourselves to some T.L.C, light a candle, drink some hot water, and put your feet up! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday night refresh the best way you know how. Cheers! To enjoying Sunday’s refresh and wake up feeling Monday blessed!


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