The Glow up Chronicles

Self Care and Detox…

Welcome back to our grow up to glow up journey . This month I challenged myself to cut everything cold turkey as a form of self-care. Needless to say I’ve had failures and successes. Self-care and detoxing are almost the same just as much the opposite so I found it at times contradicting. Lets get into July’s self-care detox…

Week one was for habit breaking. It took me this entire week to break the habitual sessions that occurred each day. One of my self-care goals was to also switch out my bad habits for good habits and truth be told it ended up being more stress than what it was worth. I did at least learn something through trial and error, enjoy my holiday weekend, sage my home and pampered myself with a spray tan and pedicure.

By the second week, I did end up switching my morning coffee to chai lattes, which turned out to be very beneficial for my oral health. Pursuing taking care of my oral health more so than before. I also had a Doctor’s appointment and found out I’m healthy and that everything is normal! I also was able to work hard and have fun one day. I took my dog to the lake for a day of swimming and soaking up the sun.

Week three I decided to get in touch with my root chakra, but not through yoga. Instead by listening to root chakra cleansing frequencies and eating the color red and root vegetables. I cooked as a form of self-care, I made red beans and rice stuffed into red bell peppers and was able to have it last until I made fried avocado tacos and strawberry salsa. In between those meals, I also had the chance to make a cold beet salad, and oven roasted maple beets, carrots, and sweet potatoes. If you are interested in the recipes comment below!

By the last week of July, my self-care detox had gone out the window. I became busier at work, some household issues also came to a head. I may have channelled too much of my root chakra a picked up bad habits I once struggled with. I had began oversleeping, eating out more than I have in the last few months leaving me sluggish and vulnerable . With those two feelings circulation throughout my system, I was lead to an increase of stimulants, like caffeine and sugar.

Granted my last week of July was not successful and I may not have done the hour of exercise each day, I at least had a lot more wins. My daily water intake increased, I have been more open and honest with my loved ones, even reached out to some I don’t normally speak too. I invested in myself and found others that leave me motivated. I’ve made myself be present on social media and Im learning to love the process instead of overthink it.

This self-care detox attempt made me realize it is okay to get knocked back a few steps because I was able to learn a few more things about myself. With this new knowledge I will be able to go into August with a new self-care awareness and goals to accomplish within myself and in my everyday surroundings. Cheers! to trials and tribulations, being happy and healthy, and learning something new about yourself through the process of self-care!


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