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How to Practice Self care…

How to practice self care and creating your personal regimen, it all begins with Y.O.U. Self-care is how we show love in different aspects of our lives. You have the ability to care for your spirituality, body, and your mind. Self-care is a great reflection of communicating your body’s needs. That is why we are here today, I am here to help you find your path to your best version of self-care.

Let’s start communicating with our body. This may sound extreme for those who love music, but sometime last year I stopped listening to my own music. While at my job I had to listen to the same songs over and over again. When it came time for me to be in the car or at my home I just wanted silence. Once I stopped listening, the jumble slowly disappeared and silence then became a part of my self-care regimen.

I have a couple posts on communication, the confusion and the changes which may occur to you once you begin hearing your needs.

When I was younger, I had stomach issues that took a while to heal and learn from. I knew what I needed to do for that period of my life, but then of course things changed and I no longer knew. About six years later and a house all to myself I meditated, performing an overall wellness check of the health of my body. Everything checked back clear, except when I asked myself “How is my stomach doing?,” my body responded immediately, snapping me out of my trance.

It felt like I had been standing at the doors to walk in, then not being welcome at all. That impact from not being welcomed by my own stomach was heartbreaking. The feeling changed my perspective and told me I needed to change my lifestyle to improve my relationship with my stomach.

Those are just a couple of real life moments that have become a part of my self-care regimen, Do you know what you can include in yours? Here are five more self-care practices that I treat myself with daily….

1. My skincare routine is sacred, it is the oldest self-care practice. Also HUGE thank you to my Mother for teaching me that our skin needs to be taken care of!!! Since I was a young girl I have always taken the time out of the day, morning and night to take care of my skin. It resets me back to my best self before I begin my day and before I go to sleep. Some days my skincare routine has a little bit extra but it’s all for what my body wants.

2. Journaling is another way I practice self-care. I’m no artist or a tech savvy but with journaling I can just let my words flow from my mind onto a piece of paper. This transition satisfies my creativity and it just brings my thoughts into existence.

3. Cleanliness, besides personal hygiene is a visual example of how you are feeling. When the house is a mess I am also a mess, but while I clean and put stuff away I’m thinking. Reorganizing my emotions and thoughts and once I look at that clean kitchen I feel at peace.

4. Being outdoors is an amazing way to practice self-care. Sunshine recharges my self-care battery. Are you having a bad day? Go sit on the porch or in a hammock and just soak it ALL up!!! Birds serenade you, wind gently glides across your skin, the crazy lady across the street (who more than likely also thinks you’re crazy) makes you thankful for the life given to you. The season gives you a reason to try new foods, smell new smells, and watch life come and go while testing your limits.

Finally in my opinion the best part of my self-care regimen, FOOD.

5. Food has changed my lifestyle multiple times. It has brought me bad health and good health, It has given me lifelong favorites or a new experience. You can practice self-care with food by sharing a meal with your family, someone you just met, or enjoy it all to yourself the options are endless!

While you are creating your self-care regimen, remember anything goes. My self-care regimen is going to be different than yours simply based on, what kind of lifestyle do Y.O.U want? Just by communicating with your spirituality, mind or body wants and needs your self-care regimen will just about create itself. Cheers to a future that is all about loving yourself!

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