The Glow Up Chronicles

Listen to Love…

Apologies for being MIA. I started my blog to start chasing new dreams. I say new instead of “MY” is simply because my goals are ever changing. At this point in my life, I learned something new about myself. That love is hard-work.

I know in my last post I talked briefly about communication, and I am sure to say “I think it’s working” active listening, tone, body language, etc. Now that at this time, there’s a communication rug being pulled from under our feet. Nothing in a bad way but in a Oh! My gosh this is happening kind of way.

It’s has gone from one transition to another.

It gets confusing, it gets hard. but now that Ive started this endeavor I have pressure to light a fire in my belly and make a life for myself.

The way I want to live.

For sometime now, I have been very unmotivated, with a few different things. I don’t know if it was because it was the setting, the place, or the timing.

But since we are busting out into the unknown, I guess the timing is correct.

Communication brought us here. I feel I have just changed my pace of listening. Communication to me is the base of love. The love you have for yourself and the love you have for your others. But to know what you love, you have to listen. I used to love myself in a cold way, but now I am pushing for more fire inside me. That feeling I hope will then pour unto others.

Communication is a part of self-care. Begin to understand what you want and start chasing new dreams and goals. I bet the reward will be worth the wait. Cheers! To being fueled by love and hard-work.

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