The Glow Up Chronicles


Hello!! I hope everyone has had a very nice week. I normally would post on Tuesday but since I went out of town for Memorial weekend I was driving back home. My last Tuesday post I talked about improving my communication skills, for me this applied personally as well as in business.

The couple days I did work I tried the practice of “active listening”. I was blown away by how it was received. Normally I can hold a conversation and in response I have a client rebook with me for the next month, while “active listening” I did not get the reaction or the client return I hoped for. It wasn’t a nice feeling. For my personal life, active listening did wonders. I was able to communicate much better with my boyfriend, family, and some new people I had met over the weekend.

The only thing I can think of on why I got different results business v. personal is that I got to be my true self in personal life and enjoy what each day had to offer to the fullest. Whereas, in my business life I feel like I need to be censored. Does anyone else feel that way? Comment below.

Communication is very hard since there are different types and different sides. I’m still going to keep working on improving these skills to hopefully be more confident in my approach. Cheers! To figuring out what the heck people and myself are trying to say!

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