The Glow Up Chronicles

Glowing up with Goals…

Hello! I hope everyone has had a beautiful weekend and a great Monday! Lots of good stuff has been going on since my last post!!! I was originally planning on posting the next day, I thought I did but I realized I didn’t it had been saved to my drafts (oops!). On the plus side I at least get to tell you about my week.

Last Tuesday was my first day back at work, luckily it was a short day. The good news is that I successfully woke up to my alarm with no urge to press snooze! My goal for the day was to be EARLY. I woke up before 7 o’ clock, for this first time ever I treated myself to a “good morning” head massage and some “wake that face up” Gua Sha. Seeing the sleep drain from my face gave me the boost I needed, even skipped my habitual morning coffee. I allowed myself time to make and eat breakfast- A banana, yogurt kefir with frozen blueberries topped with cherry vanilla granola, leftover mashed sweet potatoes with black beans and pepitas. Tasted good and felt good! By the time my uniform was prepped, hair was managed, and applied makeup I was ahead of schedule! Being back I truly felt that I was only gone for a weekend, It was nice to laugh amongst my coworkers once again. Though their appearance may not have changed they all had new life goals which was nice to hear.

The rest of the week I had time to get back in the flow of working, since my boyfriend went out of town and us girls stayed home, I went to bed early, spent time out in sun either at the lake, riding bikes, or just on the back porch, I also have been investing in myself. My diet has been very clean, no meat for the past six days. I am finishing a project, hand-lettering for a children’s book. I’ve also been testing my creativity by playing with make up, clothing, and of course blogging. Photography is next on my list, so I can build a beauty portfolio. I normally don’t post a lot about myself on social media but I did an update yesterday on how I was doing and I received so much love from the post, I was very thankful for their responses.

My goal for this next week, is to better my communication on social media since I was very surprised with the response I got. I feel by working on this it will also help me with improving my vocabulary and how I present myself. Cheers! To feeling empowered.

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