Corona Sunrise: A Quarantine Routine

It ”twas the eve before I back to work and since I have been a non-existent morning person. For my own well-being and maybe to gain a grin, Here is my not so morning routine….

Wake up before noon, at noon, or afternoon. Wash hands and face. Rinse. Apply Moisturizer. Brush teeth. COFFEE, coffee, and maybe some coffee. When the coffee kicks in. Drink some water. Maybe eat some lunch since I have slept through the breakfast and brunch options. Tend the garden. Check emails and finally…Get dressed for whatever the goal is for the day.

Waking up and doing some of this list plus more before 9 am seems unbelievable, but we are in the times of glowing up. Whether Business or personal we will be rising with the sun, putting on our best features, and getting to work EARLY!! Cheers! To being early with a healthy breakfast and lunch. Check out my previous post The Glow Up Chronicles and sign up for emails to become apart of the grow to glow journey here on Vanilla 27.

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