The Glow Up Chronicles

Post Quarantine Lifestyle Change…

We have been enjoying our early retirement, but now that the funds are over… Its time to reteach ourselves how to work in our personal and business lives. With that being said, we packed our bags, headed to the beach and had ourselves an “End of Retirement” reality check. Since leaving the coast, the glow up chronicles are now active and in play.

Personally, in this time of quarantine I have gained more motivation to get my life together to reach my goals. I will be more sustainable since COVID-19 took away the idea of convenience. I am getting outdoors more, I’ve started gardening to grow our own veggies to cut cost on our future grocery bill and to better what I am putting in our bodies. Speaking of bodies, I have also started bicycling as a form of exercise and traveling. Plus staring at the same things everyday pushed me to simplify my possessions and its an awesome feeling to know that I am living with less, which is something I will continue working on.

For business I have also set goals, I am an aesthetician so my goals for this are rather vain…. I will leave my laid back lifestyle behind to better my image. The first few moments of meeting someone is either a go or a no. Therefore my business image is key on making an impression. My persona is also something I will improve; I strive to be more confident in performing services and extend my vocabulary to sound more professional. I want a clientele list to be a reflection of who I am. In my head this is way of sustaining the good habit gal I will be since I will be surrounded by those like-minded.

Cheers! To a new lifestyle. Business or personal. Change is growth, growth leads to something new, something new will turn into something better, the feeling of better leads to something greater. Let’s be here now for something greater and sustain the path to get there.

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  2. This was a really refreshing post to read – I feel inspired by your positivity to use this time to pursue the life / hobbies that you want to do. Wishing you nothing but success in achieving your goals!

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