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January Blues to Better Hues…

Why is it that January is such a heavy month, one that just drags on forever?

This time last year I made a pact with my boyfriend that we would financially save up so much per month. Now it took about four months of hard work and when I say hard work I mean performing Brazilian waxes until tennis elbow became an accessory. Honestly, it was worth it. By June I was able to pack up and move to Atlanta and rent a small house with my boyfriend and dog.

It has been six-months, I’ve learned how to work a job I absolutely hate just to get by with the bills until my esthetics license transferred to my new state, with that I learned that I never want to do that again. EVER. I found out who’s laundry to do on what day of the week, How to cook by just adding hot water to now being able to come up with an entire meal, to no longer spending money to eat out. Besides all that I’ve learned that its not all about me anymore and that I am one half of a team.

Now January I was out of state for half of it but it was awful being away from my home that I’ve worked so hard to take care of. The best thing to happen so far in 2020 happened while I was away. I rekindled my friendship with my lifelong best friend, someone I had not seen in five years. I had forgotten how much love I had for this one person and it added the fuel I needed to my fire.

Finally coming back to my home, a brain-to-heart connection had been made. Confusion became a constant. I had become confused about my personal habits, my relationship, but really what caught me the most were my goals in life. I’m a list keeper so my goals to accomplish before I turned “dirty thirty” had gone from about one million ideas to about eight realistic ones, such as paying off student loans, saving money, buying a new car, etc. Big girl goals.

Since my “Makeover” I’ve been back on social media and I am so glad that I am because a girl I met a couple years back posted an image about a book called “The Defining Decade: Why your twenties matter- and how to make the most of them now”, by DR. Meg Jay (on my list to read). Just the title captivated me and really has me thinking that now not only do I have to progress as a teammate in my relationship but I NEED to learn more about myself and work hard answering my own question- How do I want the next ten years of my life be? Slumming, barely getting by or Comfortable, with a little bit extra? Just a few more months till I have been on my own for a year, its time to get the ball rolling. Cheers! to life playing out how its supposed to.

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