A List of Little Luxuries

As I was starting my day I began counting moments that seemed luxurious…

  1. Waking up before the sun.
  2. That first glass of ice water.
  3. A short yoga practice.
  4. Making the bed.
  5. Washing a piece of fruit.
  6. Heating up the glass of the french press.
  7. Smelling the freshly brewed coffee.
  8. Putting together a beautiful breakfast.
  9. Enjoying every bite.
  10. Finishing a cup of joe.
  11. A morning rinse.
  12. Having the chance to look a little wild.
  13. Let my skin enjoy some green tea.
  14. Applying oil.
  15. Spritz my hair with perfume.
  16. Finger-painting my face.
  17. Putting on a new dress.
  18. Peppermint against my teeth.
  19. Journalling before I get into action.
  20. Locking the door behind me as I begin my day.

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