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Makeover: A Social Media Detox…

A “Makeover” you say? I know you are probably thinking either a haircut or maybe even a switch in my wardrobe. It’s neither. It was a makeover of the influence of social media, not my page’s aesthetic nor the way I take pictures, but the vanishing act. After disappearing, I looked inside and asked myself some questions, Why? What? Where? When? Who? and How? So let’s begin.

Where and When?

I had given up social media shortly after moving to Georgia, so it has been close to four months. The purge included Instagram and Snapchat, I spent the most amount of time on these two. I did however keep Pinterest, WordPress, and Tumblr.


I felt pressured to show my followers what I was doing day to day or what I was wearing because of the pages I was constantly observing, their lives looked so glamorous in comparison to mine.


During my time off boredom struck, it did take a few days to find things to do. Once discovered I learned how to channel my energy into myself, my relationships to those most important to me, and into positive activities. I’ve carried a journal with me since this time last year and that since logging off has so far been the best way to express myself. Eating well and fitness: mind and body, have also inched into my life a little bit more.


I feel that without social media I have wanted to tap back in, not to see what people of my past are doing with their lives, but more along the lines of starting fresh and finding those that provide me with inspiration. Those who inspire me to better my health, want to find creativity again, or those that love what the earth has offered to them.


Since I would like to dip my toes back in the waters of social media, I want to reach out to whoever searches for a positive change, maybe for someone seeking a healthy change in mental or physical well-being.

Acceptance has been a big part of this makeover for me, I have learned that being judgmental of others has never helped anyone. We’ve all been handed different cards of life that have in some way challenged our mind, body, and spirit. At this time, I feel that my heart is strong enough to keep me headed in the right direction no matter the tasks. With that being the best ending I can come up with, Cheers! To new beginnings.

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