A Skincare Review: Sailor by Captain Blankenship

Hello! I’ve been crazy busy. I’ve started a new job, we just rented a house here in GA, and trying to get into our new routine. Before moving I began writing this piece for a new category that I am passionate about: Skin. So here’s to what’s new and an honest review!

I had been out of skin products for sometime and just straight up avoiding makeup. Recently in my skin journey, the overall complexion of my skin was really becoming a concern. A few ingredients such as kelp, zinc, etc. pointed me in the direction of investing into a new skincare routine.

June 27th

I had been out and about mindlessly walking through aisles when a group of frosty bottles caught my attention. The bottles read “Captain Blankenship: Sailor.” Of course I loved the packaging then continued to read ” Sea Splash Face Cleanser, SEA KELP + GRAPEFRUIT,” the moment I finished reading I was sold. Sold enough to also purchase the “Sea Mist Refreshing Toner, BASIL + WITCH HAZEL,” as well as the “Deep Blue Face Moisturizer, BERGAMOT + BLUE CHAMOMILE.”

The first use was love at first pump. The gel-based cleanser shocked me with how nice the consistency was. My dry-sensitive skin reacted very well, no dryness or tightness after I rinsed which was a plus. Now I’m always a little hesitant when it comes to witch hazel but this time there was basil.. It was an amazing spritz of tiny Italian kisses on my skin. In the “Deep Blue” bottle, the moisturizer looked extremely thick (something I don’t like) but the product was actually a nice milky consistency. It was the cherry on top to this very aromatic trio… or so I thought. About five minutes after my face had become a pleasant shade of coral then about fifteen more my skin was GLOWING!!

After first use.

I used all the products individually to pinpoint the tingling sensation. Personally I thought it would have been the grapefruit in the cleanser or the witch hazel hexing my pores, BOY! Was I wrong. It turned out to be the BERGAMOT + BLUE CHAMOMILE infused moisturizer. Ignoring the sting, I continued on with the trio and after a couple weeks no more problems with any of the ingredients.

Most recent.

As of today, my complexion has never looked this good. My acne and acne scars are under control and the glow I have is better than any highlight. Needless to say it feels good to only want to wear mascara. Thank You! Captain Blankenship, I want to try more!!! Cheers!

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