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Georgia’s New Peach…

Hello world and those who live here, I’ve moved to Georgia! I am now going on week 2 of being here and so far really no complaints! Within week one there has been exploration, lots of peaches, and figuring out how to eat healthy while living in a hotel.

Lucky for me, my boyfriend moved here with me so I’ve already got a built in adventure partner. The first couple days I hit the gym grabbed some sushi and had lunch a different parks. We went to Cooper’s Furnace, where there was a stone structure sadly not built by aliens. The next day and later on in the week we road tripped 15 minutes down the way to Red Top Mountain & Allatoona Lake. The first visit was just a glimpse of the scenery, later on I went back and took our dog to play in the water. It was the perfect day, kids were swimming, people were kayaking, and the pup found the geese to be quite interesting.

Now I’ve always known that Georgia was the “Peach State” but holy cow. The have peaches in everything from waffles to beer. My first meal here was a peach waffle with peach syrup, talk about ADDICTING! I’ve had four since I’ve been here…( no shame, because they are that good.) I promised my boyfriend a congratulations present, so he got a beautiful new guitar and after dinner, the last three packs of U.F.O. Georgia Peach beer. It is a summer seasonal, I like to believe I understand why other than the fact that peaches are a summer fruit, but that this beer makes me feel soft like the fuzz on a peach at the end of a hot day.

An apple is an excellent thing–

Until you have tried a peach.

George du Maurier

Last thing for today, trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle has been somewhat challenging since we don’t have a kitchen so a few fast food meals have slipped trough the cracks out of pure laziness. I’ve made some whole-wheat falafel wraps with hummus that have been a hit so far, as well as some frozen black-bean and potato burritos usually eaten with guacamole or salsa. Currently my meals consist of a lot of grain and beans, so I know there is need for more color in my diet. I just need some simple meals with lots of color that won’t go bad quick. That being said hook me up with some options please, pretty please with a peach on top!

More discoveries are sure to come while living in The Peach State, (says in tone of “Welcome to the Girls Room”- The Amanda Show) but for now week 2 is just getting started. Cheers, until next time!


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